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The Unusual Places AI Is Having An Impact

It wasn’t long ago that when talking about AI, people pictured metal bots talking slowly and helping around the house. And whilst that prediction is partly true, artificial intelligence has come so much further than could have imagined.

Today, AI is having an impact on almost every part of life. From marketing to medicine, it’s assisting humans with so much. But like with any type of developing machinery, there are a few unusual places that AI is having an impact.

Casino Gaming

Casinos have been around for centuries as an exciting source of gaming. Throughout time, they have been modernised to the point that we can now easily find the games we want to play through our phones. However, one thing that is making them even more contemporary is the introduction of AI within the games industry but outside of direct gameplay.

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How? By helping players make better decisions and find games that suit them. Of course, as an online article about finding bonuses for casinos shows, it’s entirely possible to make informed decisions about spins and bonuses without the help of a robot. And people can probably find games that match their interests a little better this way. But, as AI can collect and analyse masses amounts of data, it is great at making quick predictions about games, much like Netflix’s recommendation algorithm.

However, while the data is safely collected from things like sign up information and length of gameplay, using AI for online casinos in this way would still a little generalised. This means it isn’t super personal just yet and it might be a little easier to search for games yourself for now.

casino floor

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Bees And Pollinating

Bees are just as vital for the future as AI is. They help pollinate crops and flowers and are generally lovely creatures. Sadly, due to disease and environmental factors, these insects are starting to die out. So, to protect them, AI is stepping (or rather, flying) in to help.

Scientists have created robotic bees with AI systems, GPS and high-resolution cameras attached to mimic honeybees. As this news story proves, specific technology is being used to collect data about the bees to understand more about their behaviours. By using AI and pretending to be a bee, experts will be able to investigate the health of hives and understand what we can do to protect them.

So, next time you sense a bee, remember how important they are for the world. And keep in mind that ‘bee’ could just be a tiny piece of complex robotics.

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bees on flower

Brushing Teeth

Nobody likes going to the dentist. And we all know that the solution to reducing dental problems is to look after our teeth. But with busy lives, brushing our teeth properly can become a chore and we end up doing a less adequate job than we should. This is why professionals have designed a special AI-incorporated toothbrush to help with this.

The brush uses deep learning and algorithms to pick up and report on certain practices. As this website content shows, the AI-powered tech can give personalisations and tell people if they are brushing well or not. This means that people will be able to look after their teeth fully and can focus on spots they might be regularly missing, something which in turn will reduce dental issues.

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Hopefully, using AI to brush our teeth will be a regular part of everybody’s life before we know it. And we can avoid those annoying trips to the dentist.

oral b ai toothbrush

From casinos to bees and even toothbrushes, AI is popping up in the most unexpected places. Only time will tell what else the future holds for this amazing machinery.

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