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Unpublished N from Stephen King coming to mobile phones

If you are an avid reader of best-selling authors in the world, then there is a good change that you must read Stephen King’s works. And if the author’s name has brought a smile to your face then you will be even gladder to know that Stephen King’s “N” is now coming right to your cell-phone.

Stephen King

That is right. ‘N’ the unpublished story will have the mobile version of the series reaching out to King’s fans. Earlier, a lot of movies and video games were made based on King’s work. The latest medium is a new way for the author to reach to his audience.

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“I’m always interested in new delivery systems for stories and always curious about how those systems work with the old storytelling verities. This one, it seems to me, works extraordinarily well,” says Stephen King.

Brought by Scribner, Simon & Schuster Digital, Marvel Entertainment, and CBS Mobile the latest series will be featured on the mobile screens and Internet. It will consist of 25 original episodes commencing from July 28th ending on August 29th.

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