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Unlocked iPhone 5 price in Australia tagged at $100 less through Kogan

Unlocked iPhone 5

Now would be a good time to crack open those piggybanks as the unlocked iPhone 5 price in Australia through Kogan is tagged AU$100 lesser than the original retail rate. And Apple’s latest smartphone is already up for pre-order through this seller, a day before the scheduled date.

We’re going to have a quick run through the specifications, just for refresher’s sake. Firstly, the device takes on a brand new CPU, which is a highly anticipated one as well, dubbed the A6. The Retina display has been widened from 3.5 inches to 4 inches diagonally. And the company has even modified the overall look of its smartphone compared to the previous two generations.

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“We’ve been working very hard here at Kogan to be the first retailer in the world to sell it, and can confirm that they are now available for our customers to order at unbelievable prices. A lot of people expected NFC – which is the biggest omission from the launch today. There are a few other changes too, such as a new dock connector, new earphones, and they’ve changed the SIM again! But all in all, it’s a beautiful looking device. The exciting news is that it will work on Australian 4G networks like Telstra and Optus!” reads a post on the official Kogan Australia blog.

New Apple Smartphone

Another prime highlight here is the addition of 4G LTE. But for users in Australia, the device will arrive with support for 4G and 3G networks which are currently supplied by Telstra and Optus. The iPhone 5 will rock iOS 6 right out of the box and it incorporates a lot more within its 7.6mm form factor.

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The unlocked iPhone 5 price in Australia amounts to AU$699 for the 16GB version after a AU$100 discount. The SIM-free 32GB and 64GB variants can be pre-ordered for AU$799 and AU$899, respectively. The release date for all 3 models is pegged for September 21, just as it’s marked for various countries including the US.