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Unique LG Biometric and Anti-virus USB Drives introduced

LG Vaccine Anti-virus USB Drive LG has released two new USB drives that offer very unique features. One of the USB drives offers a biometric function, while the other drive offers anti-virus and malware protection.

The release of these two new USB drives happens to be a first for LG, who usually concentrates on electronics ranging from monitors, TVs, and air conditioners to fridges.

The biometric-equipped USB drive features a fingerprint recognition technology that provides a higher level of security while data is being transferred. Basically, users will have to scan their fingerprints through bespoke identification software that is preloaded on the drive, when they use it for the first time.

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Users will be able to register up to 10 fingerprints. The security function offers a safety ejection that helps to prevent data corruption and ‘favorites’ function of access to Internet links.

LG’s Biometric USB drive is available in a black color that has a UV coated finish. It weighs just 18 grams and offers a storage capacity ranging from 512MB to 4GB.

The second drive released by LG is the Anti-virus USB known as the Vaccine USB which comes bundled with anti-virus and malware protection software. Thus, users will be offered an additional layer of protection.

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The LG Vaccine USB drive automatically monitors incoming traffic for viruses via real-time system monitoring and hardware scans. This USB drive also has the ability to protect any computer or laptop from the time it is inserted due to its “plug and auto run” function.

The Vaccine USB drive also allows users to conduct in-depth hardware scans which will verify the presence of a virus and repair, curing and eliminating infected files. Mofreover, the antivirus and malware software on the drive is frequently upgraded via automatic downloads.

The LG vaccine Anti-Virus USB drive which is available in matt black with a mirrored front, comes with a 2-year period license and offers a capacity ranging from 512MB to 8GB.

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However, the actual price and availability of the LG Biometric USB Drive and the Vaccine drive are not yet known.

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