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This unique cable works with both iPhone and Android


Anyone who owns both Apple and Android devices knows the pain of carrying around a separate Lightning and micro USB cable for each. While it would be more convenient if all the tech overlords got together and came up with one common port for all, consumers will have to come up with their own solutions till this magical day arrives.

A new startup called LMcable is looking to be the answer to this inconvenience by creating a two-in-one cable which works with both Android and Apple gadgets. The micro USB and Lightning connection are present on each side of the wire, so using either is as simple as flipping it over. On the extreme end is a regular USB connector.

LMcable has launched a Kickstarter to fund the unique project. It’s doing pretty well for itself, having generated AUD $83758 out its AUD $5000 goal. The brand says the product can be utilized for data transfer and 2.4A fast charging. It’s apparently 10 times more durable than ordinary cables thanks to tin-plated copper wires and has been wrapped in leather to add protection and style.

There’s even a cool brass buckle to hold the LMcable together neatly and prevent tangles. Note that the connector isn’t Apple-approved, so using it for a device entails a certain amount of risk. The firm’s Kickstarter page states that it’ll work with Android smartphones and powerbanks and most iPhones and iPads, in addition to the iPod Touch (5th gen).

The pledges for the LMcable start at AUD $13 and increase from there. You can get it in sunlight white, moonlight black, cowboy blue and vintage brown colors. Deliveries are set to begin from April and you can book yours here.