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Ubuntu teases touch-based OS for launch today [Update]

Ubuntu Teaser

Ubuntu has hinted at the possibility of the launch of a touch-based OS version today. A countdown timer set on the site’s home page points at something more concrete in just under 12 hours, so we won’t have to wait too long to see what develops.

Ubuntu has always traditionally been a desktop solution, rivaling the likes of Microsoft’s Windows OS. And with the Redmond-based multinational software corporation deciding to go the touch way with its latest Windows 8, it seems Ubuntu might also be headed in that direction. But it should be noted that Microsoft’s latest hasn’t been performing as expected.

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The banner on the official web site reads, ‘So close you can almost touch it.’ This seems like a strong indication that something touch-related will be announced, according to Engadget, in the buildup to one of the most eagerly awaited technology shows of the year, CES 2013.

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Just about a month ago, we saw Dell release a developer edition of the XPS 13 in the US and Canada. The laptop ran on Ubuntu and was priced at $1449 after a $100 discount in both regions. It is scheduled to hit other regions early this year with no solid information on a release date for the said regions.

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It comes with two additional open source projects to assist developers – the profile tool and the cloud launcher. On board there is a third generation Core i7 3517U processor, an Intel HD 4000 graphics solution as well as 8GB of DDR3L RAM. Check out the video below detailing the device’s capabilities and highlighting a few other things.

YouTube video

The notebook is based on version 12.04 of the operating platform which was released in April last year and brought along long term support. When the version of the OS was announced, Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, had stated that hardware partners including Dell, HP and Lenovo would receive regular updates.

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Going all the way back to February of last year, we heard about Ubuntu for Android, in what could be an attempt to chip away at mobile platforms. Just as a quick refresher, this would let smartphone users experience an Ubuntu interface when connected to a PC display. And this gives the handset the freedom to double up as an enterprise desktop, although it will only run on those phones with multi-core processors.

So in just a little over 11 hours we should know what’s on the company’s mind, and if Ubuntu is actually going to come with touch support for compatible hardware. We’ll update with any developments.

Ubuntu For Phones

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Update: There you have it! Canonical, on its Ubuntu home page, has just revealed that the OS is headed to mobile platforms. More to come at CES 2013. Keep your ears perked. Here is an early image of what to expect at the show.