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Ubisoft to bring Armored Core for Answer to PS3 and Xbox 360 Soon

Ubisoft, the publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products has announced its plans to publish Armored Core for Answer, made by From Software, the Japanese games developer. The Armored Core for Answer is the latest video game for the Xbox 360 and PS3 users and is a thirteenth installment to the series of mech-based combat video games series – Armored Core.

Armored Core for Answer logo

Armored Core for Answer is game set in the future when massive urban development and pollution has forced the earthlings to live in huge aerial communities called Cradles. The League Corporations, a military superpower administers the planet’s infrastructure. All that the players have to do is choose the League’s side or play from the side of ORCA, the rebel resistance still residing on Earth and their objective seems to be launching an arsenal attack. Players get to choose “cutting-edge military robot technology” with “deadliest and gigantic” weapons to either help League take control of the earth or be a forceful rebel with ORCA.

The game has been rated as ‘T’ for Teen with Mild Language, Violence.

The Armored Core for Answer also features a Co-Op and Multiplayer modes. Players get to play with a friend in a co-op mode online in more than 30 missions or choose the multiplayer mode and play with 7 other players in 80 different battlefields. Also, one of the two fighting sides, the players gets the power to change the fate of their team by resulting in one of the 3 possible endings of the war, making it more adventures.

Featuring 130 new weapon parts out of the total 400, the game gives players the opportunity to enhance the mechs to a more deadly one. The highlights of the game are the “giant mobile battle stations”. The players get to identify and exploit the weaknesses of 10 unique giant mobile stations and experience the epic boss battles to the fullest.

The game also claims to bring to the players the high-velocity daylight combat or low-visibility night battles with realistic effects that perfectly depict weather changes and atmospheres in 40 battlefields spread across snow field, desert, ocean, underground and city with fully destructible environments.

Last but not the least, the game features schemes for both, the beginners and veteran players of the game with new intuitive controls for beginners and full range of controls featured in the previous Armored Core installments especially for veterans.

The game is scheduled to hit the gaming consoles Xbox 360 and PS3 by September 2008.