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Uber now lets you call cabs without the app, book rides for others

Uber Request a Ride for Others

Uber’s looking to target Indians in a big way by introducing two new features just for users in the country. The new tools primarily focus on attracting people who are reluctant to download the app themselves.

Starting off with the Dial an Uber feature, riders in cities like Jodhpur, Kochi and Nagpur can now head to the company’s mobile website to book a cab. The process to do so is pretty simple, since all they have to do is enter their phone number. The platform is then supposed to connect the user to the closest driver available so they can arrange the pickup.

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Dial an Uber is only accessible in a small number of metros right now, with no word on or if it’ll spread to other places soon. The scheme is clearly aimed at emerging markets where affordable phones with limited storage capacity rule the roost and data connectivity can be spotty at best.

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Dial an Uber’s greatest appeal thus lies in the fact that it prevents the consumer from having to go through the hassle of downloading the application and registering their credentials. The procedure can come across as especially time-consuming in situations where a person is in urgent need of a taxi.

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The second major addition follows the same spirit as the first. Dubbed Request a Ride for Others, Uber will now let its customers call a cab for someone else. According to the brand, the tool is meant for people like the elderly since a number of them don’t own a smartphone or know how to download an app.

Request a Ride for Others comes across as a neat resolution for this dilemma. To get started, users will have to set the pickup location of the individual they’re calling a taxi for. They’ll then be asked who the trip is for and can either choose a contact from their handset or enter a number.

Payment can be made by the consumer through the Uber app or handed over in cash by the rider. Once the transaction is complete, users can keep track of the journey.

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