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This typewriter is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard in disguise

Elretron Penna

Wireless Bluetooth keyboards are a dime and dozen these days, with little to distinguish one from the other in terms of looks or functionality. An interesting new keyboard called the Penna is looking to set itself apart by incorporating a vintage typewriter design.

Penna is the brainchild of a startup called Elretron which is trying to drum up support for it via Kickstarter. The keyboard can connect up to 5 devices at a time via Bluetooth 4.2 and offers iOS, Android, and Windows support. There’s even a slot to place phones and tablets where the paper would normally be, a nice touch to complete the retro typewriter look the device is going for.

Nostalgia seekers can opt for the classic chrome keycaps, while those looking for a smoother modern feel can choose the diamond keycaps. Elretron additionally lets you choose between two different types of Cherry switches. The Blue one is for people who enjoy the clacking music and strong physical response of a typewriter.

The Red Cherry switch is for those looking for a quieter machine that allows for faster typing and smoother feedback. A Macro Bar on the left side of the Penna can record frequently used keys and entire sentences. When needed, all a person has to do is press the bar down and the key or phrase will automatically get recalled.

The Penna will be up for orders starting from April 6 in black, green, pink and white colors priced at $79 for super early birds, $89 for early birds, and $99 for normal backers. There’s also a wood model at $299 and a pouch bundled with some of the packs. You can check out the Kickstarter page here.