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Two Italian manufacturing operations of Nokia Siemens Networks to be transferred to Jabil; Multi-Year manufacturing deal signed

Nokia Siemens Networks and Jabil Circuit logos Nokia Siemens Networks Italy has gotten into an agreement for the transfer of the manufacturing functions of its Cassina de’ Pecchi and Marcianise facilities to Jabil Circuit Italy, once the legal asset transfer procedure is completed. Having received European Union (EU) antitrust authorities’ approval, the deal will be of use in all probability on 1st November. Concurrently, the two companies also penned a long term manufacturing pact.

Jabil is an electronic product solutions company that provides complete electronics design, manufacturing and product management services to global electronics and technology companies.

The staff members of both the company’s will transfer to their new employer at corresponding terms and conditions.

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While the Marcianise site has a strength of 336 employees and its main manufacturing lines are GSM and Edge Radio Access; the Cassina site employs 276 and manufactures microwave devices for wireline and wireless networks.

Merz, Head of Operations at Nokia Siemens Networks said, “The signature of this agreement confirms a long-term partnership which will offer Nokia Siemens Networks the opportunity to compete in the highly complex and competitive telecommunication market and optimize overall manufacturing capabilities in a time when global competition results in intense cost pressure.” Merz added, “Moreover, we are also able to preserve the whole value chain in Italy, securing important high-tech manufacturing jobs while achieving flexibility for our future development.”

“We are delighted to become a preferred supplier to Nokia Siemens Networks and hope to build on this relationship in the years to come,” maintained Maurice Dunlop, Vice President, Global Business Units. “We have enjoyed a long and successful presence in Italy. We believe this agreement strengthens our position in Italy and enhances our global standing as a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure hardware.”

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The management of the two manufacturing units will be handled by Jabil. The movements of the two manufacturing units will continue on the same sites for which Jabil has signed a lease agreement with Nokia Siemens networks. At present, Jabil is a manufacturing affiliate of the parent companies of the Nokia Siemens Networks and will make use of all its manufacturing sites for production of the telecommunications products.

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