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Twitter’s DM Now Let’s You Search Through The Content Of Your Conversations

twitter logo Twitter has announced that its Direct Message (DM) search feature has received an upgrade as it can now search through the content of your conversations and return specific messages that contain whatever keyword you type in.

Before users could only use it to search for people’s names or the names of group chats, but now if they want to find that one conversation they had with a friend about “chili” they can just type it into the search bar, reports The Verge.

Of course, searching for person or conversation names still works, and users can even decide whether they want to see results for people, groups, or messages — handy if the keyword they are trying to search happens to be someone’s name.

This change has been a long time coming, the report said.

When Twitter brought DM search to Android in May 2021, it said that content search was coming later that year.

The company seems to have missed that deadline by a bit, but at least it is available on every platform — the original search was available on iOS for almost two years before Twitter added it to Android.