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Twitter Users Slam Musk For Restricting SMS Based 2-Factor Authentication Only To Blue Users

twitter logo 3 The decision by Twitter CEO Elon Musk to no longer allow non-Blue users to use text messages as a two-factor authentication (2FA) option after March 20, 2023, has left most account holders dissatisfied.

After March 20 next month, non-Blue accounts with text or SMS-based 2FA still enabled “will have it disabled” automatically.

Currently, the platform offers three methods of 2FAvia text message, an authentication app or a security key.

“Use of free authentication apps for 2FA will remain free and are much more secure than SMS,” noted Musk.

The irony is that the post announcing the updated policy claims phone-number based 2FA can be used and abused by hackers, undoubtedly referring to SIM swap attacks.

Yet, its Premium Blue subscribers will continue to be able to use SMS-based 2FA after March 20.

This latest decision by Musk appears to be a cost-cutting measure since the price of sending all those text messages adds up.
The company has said that it “encourages” non-Blue users to “consider using an authentication app or security key method instead.”
Twitter’s Blue subscription service with verification costs $8 for Android users and $11 for iPhone owners per month.
Blue subscribers in the US can post tweets of up to 4,000 characters. These users will also see 50% fewer ads in their home timeline.