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Twitter update for Android and iOS brings better search results

Top Tweet

The latest update to Twitter has been introduced to its mobile website, as well as its apps for Android and iOS, and adds several enhancements that take center stage when searching through old tweets. Other changes made include the regular few bug fixes and improvements.

With the update, when users launch a search on Twitter for what are termed important moments, they may see a ‘Top Tweet.’ This will appear separate from the bulk of the search results and will be the most appropriate match for the query based on engagement and relevance.

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Users will also be able to see additional tweets from the same time period by simply tapping on an option to view more from the time. And lastly, the final feature which will be common to both the Android and iOS versions is a new and smoother animation with the pull-to-refresh in Discover.

Four More Years

Then there are a few changes made specifically to the app for the iPhone and the iPad. The first concerns web browsing. When users click on a link in a tweet on their timeline, that tweet will appear at the bottom of the built-in web browser. This takes advantage of the additional screen space available on the devices and means that users will be able to view content on the web page, but will also be able to reply to, favorite and retweet while still on the page. The original tweet can also be hidden if users are of the opinion that it is in the way.

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In addition, when composing a tweet or keying in a search, an auto-complete option will come to users’ aid. As the text is being input, suggestions pertaining to hashtags, usernames and topics will be displayed. And the company says, in a post on the official Twitter blog, auto-complete for topics will be updated with a greater frequency, giving the experience a real-time feel.

The Twitter update has gone live and those who want the latest experience can head over to the Google Play store or the Apple App store to get it themselves. This comes on the back of a few upgrades that have seen the application steadily receive more functionality.

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