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Twitter promises big changes to tackle abuse coming this week

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Twitter has a pretty inconsistent scorecard when it comes to abuse, with many complaining that it doesn’t do enough to tackle harassment. Top officials within the company are now promising big changes in the week ahead to address this problem.

Twitter VP of engineering Ed Ho set the ball rolling with a series of tweets talking about how it was committed to making the platform a safer place. He claims the brand is now moving forward with more urgency than ever, even admitting that it didn’t move fast enough in 2016.

Instead of thinking of progress in weeks and months, Twitter is supposedly going to think of improvements in days and hours. He mentioned that the firm will roll out a number of product changes. Some are apparently set to be less obvious and others more visible.

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Ho further promises that Twitter’s going to listen to feedback and keep rolling out changes till it makes a significant impact that users can actually feel. For the near future, the micro-blogging site is going to make sure repeat offenders won’t be able to create new accounts.

Twitter’s also going to fix issues related to its mute/block feature. Ho’s statements were echoed by the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey who retweeted his posts and added that it’s talking about a completely new approach to abuse on the website.

This apparently includes having a more open and real-time dialogue about harassment every step of the way. Twitter’s VP of Product Keith Coleman chimed in with a tweet stating that there’s a lot coming. He also reaffirmed that the company will be listening and iterating as quickly as it could.

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