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Twitter offers a new Dashboard app for small business accounts


Twitter has gone ahead and introduced a new standalone app in the form of Dashboard, which is meant for small business accounts. It’s available on the web and iOS, with no mention of any possible Android in the near future.

While the accounts of big companies can get the help of a number of Twitter ecosystem partners for managing their interactions with customers, the small businesses were hitherto needed to use the micro-blogging platform just like normal users. But with the launch of the Dashboard app, they finally have a better way to connect and interact with their customers.

Analytics are a huge part of this new service, but they are not something new to the Twitter experience as they have been around since some time. They allow Dashboard users to view the impact of their tweets by showing them stuff like top tweets and mentions, top media posts, top followers and other such traits.

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Users of this new service will also be able to set up customized feeds for certain hashtags and keywords. This will allow them to know exactly how much their product or their perhaps their competitor’s product is being talked about online.

Dashboard users even get the ability to schedule a large number of tweets for them to get posted at just the right time. This service is moreover capable of providing intelligent suggestions as well. These will be aimed at teaching users how to most effectively use the features on offer through the micro-blogging website.

You can try out Twitter Dashboard by visiting its web version here or by downloading its iOS app from here.