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Twitter now lets you retweet your own posts


In joyful news for narcissists everywhere, Twitter has officially announced that people can now retweet their own posts. Members were only allowed to retweet other accounts so far, so don’t be surprised if there’s a flood of old posts clogging up your timeline now.

The procedure to retweet your post is the same as regular retweeting, so you’ll just have to hit the retweet button to share your thoughts to a new audience. You can choose between a simple reposting or adding new commentary to the original tweet. Twitter had initially publicized this development a month ago along with a bunch of other new features.

While this new ability should prove useful to those who have had to go through the pains of copy pasting their old tweets, the announcement has drudged up an even more in-demand feature. Scores of Twitter users are now asking for an edit button to be installed so they can modify their posts instead of having to delete and repost them in case of mistakes.

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Until this magical edit button arrives, Twitter patrons can look forward to a host of new additions to play around with. The site has updated its block button to make it a more powerful weapon against trolls. Loopholes in the company’s previous system allowed people who were blocked to still have access to your tweets.

For instance, if one of your followers retweeted something you posted, the troll could see that post. Similarly, if someone you follow retweets an account you’ve blocked then you could see posts from the troll. Twitter has now taken steps to make sure neither situation can occur.