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Twitter now lets anyone apply for a verified account

Twitter Verified Account

Twitter’s blue tick of authenticity is about to find its way to a lot more people thanks to the microblogging site opening up the application process for it to the public. The platform had introduced account verification back in 2009 and has amassed about 187000 bona fide profiles till date.

This number may now inflate up greatly due to the new state of things. Verified accounts let people know that the person or business they’re following is the real deal. Twitter currently grants its coveted blue badge to profiles which are deemed to be of public interest, which could be anything like an account maintained by a public figure, government agency or film.

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Twitter says it decided to do this in order to make it easier for people to find creators and influencers on the site. Of course, opening up verified accounts to the public raises questions as to whether fake trolls will be able to get a blue tick mark for themselves and continue harassing people.

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Twitter isn’t making it easy for them to do so though. A quick glance through its requirements reveals that the platform will ask applicants to provide a verified phone number, confirmed email address, bio, profile photo, header photo, birthday, and website. Furthermore, tweets must be set as public in their privacy settings.

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Twitter also outlined a few common characteristics of verified accounts which it’ll be looking out for such as a real or authentic stage name and an actual picture of the person. Moreover, the brand plans to ask why it should authenticate an account. So individuals will have to express their impact in their field, while corporations will have to inform the website of their mission.

Twitter could even demand for a user’s government-issued ID like a passport or driver’s license to confirm their identity. It’ll be interesting to see how the revamped system changes things on the site. It’s come under heavy criticism lately for its lax harassment policies and the new approach could be a step in the right direction.

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