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Twitter may soon let you edit tweets


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has kicked off a flurry of excitement by acknowledging that the microblogging site definitely needs some form of editing. His remarks came about as a result of asking users what was the most important thing they wanted to see the company improve or create in 2017.

Not surprisingly, a number of people replied to his tweet by requesting an edit button. Twitter is one of the few social networking sites in existence to not offer such an option right now. People are usually forced to delete and repost a tweet once it’s been sent out, with no other recourse available when trying to correct things like grammatical mistakes or incorrect links.

Dorsey replied to one responder by asking them if the edit functionality should be open for a limited period of time to quickly fix errors or permanently accessible at any time. There seems to be a big difference in implementation between the two. The Twitter CEO say the latter scenario would require a change log to showcase modifications since the site is often the public record.

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Another person suggested the tool should only be available to verified members, but Dorsey struck this down by stating that it should be open to all. He also noted that an edit button has always been the most highly-requested feature, mostly to fix mistakes. He also reiterated his earlier point by stating that anything beyond quick error fixes would need to show a revision history.

Dorsey’s comments can be seen as a sign that an edit feature is definitely on the cards. However, there’s also the possibility that just having his endorsement isn’t enough to actually implement it because of the subsequent problems it could bring about.