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Twitter for iPhone, Android get updated, push notifications in tow

Twitter for Android iPhone Update

Updated versions of the Twitter for iPhone and Android apps have recently been churned out by the San Francisco-based social network cum microblogging website. Users can acquire the fresh releases by heading to the respective application stores.

With improvements carried out to help users find what’s happening around them more conveniently, the new update is said to bring in better discovery, search and notifications. The Discover tab will now feature the Activity menu that’s capable of displaying all tweets which have been favorited or retweeted by followers along with various other details. Finding stuff on the SNS is most likely to be more intuitive with the search attribute now supporting suggestions, related terms and auto-complete.

“Today you can download new versions of Twitter for iPhone in the App Store and Twitter for Android in Google Play. These updates make it easier to find out what’s happening on Twitter with improvements to discover, search and notifications,” commented Sung Hu Kim, Product Manager through a post made on the official Twitter blog.

The iPhone version seems to have gotten a bit of extra pampering. The search box within the Discover tab should list out most recent queries, while profiles can be directly accessed by inputting the desired username in the Connect menu. The last modification carried out to both applications is the addition of push notifications. Through this, users are most likely to receive alerts on certain events like new followers and when a tweet gets retweeted or marked as a favorite by others.

The Twitter for iPhone and Android update is available for download through the App Store and Google Play.