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Twitter for BlackBerry 10 revamped via new update

Twitter For BlackBerry 10

A new Twitter for BlackBerry 10 update has been released by the developers over at the micro-blogging service, and it has blessed the app with a number of fresh features that go on to enhance the experience it’s able to provide to its users. This new version of Twitter is now available for download through BB World currently for the Z10, the Q10 and the Q5.

One of the main additions that make their way into the app includes the facility to log into multiple accounts, so users are able to manage two different profiles without having to exit the application. Moreover, the new Twitter for BlackBerry 10 even renders the ability to view, reply and send Direct Messages from right within the app.

An improved refresh option upholds a particular location on the timeline, so users need not have to scroll back down and search for where they were before. And then there are also a few tweaks to the Discover page that have been brought forth by the new Twitter for BlackBerry 10 update. Its new pull to refresh or scroll to see more feature easily displays new people to follow and other such traits. Additionally, the Activity page proffers in information on what actions others are performing on the service.

The new Twitter for BlackBerry 10 brings forth a Photo Save option with it as well, enabling users to easily share any picture they’re viewing through the app. Furthermore, they will even be able to view their recent and saved searches with Type Ahead. And the overall changes to the app’s UI have resulted in the rendering of a wider timeline in all its parts.

As mentioned above, this latest version of the BlackBerry 10 application is live now on BB World, and can be downloaded for free.