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Twitter finally rolls out an Android app optimized for tablets

Twitter has given in to the demands of all the Android tablet users who have been asking the micro-blogging website to introduce an application optimized for the big screen gadgets. An official utility that allows them to tweet their way to glory through their Google-certified slates has finally stepped into the Play store.

There was a mobile application all along, but Twitter hadn’t thought of optimizing it for the tabs. Nonetheless, it is better late than never. So here’s the app that now offers landscape view of tweets, trends, conversations, accounts to follow and much more. A simple touch on a tweet expands it and displays photos, videos, article previews and other media on the right hand side on the screen.

Twitter For Android Tablets

For expanding pictures, viewing videos or reading articles, all you have to do is tap the preview and they will appear in the full screen mode. One of the key highlights of the app is its support for multiple windows at the same time. The Multi-screen view function comes in handy for multitaskers who wish to browse the web, view videos or log in to other social media accounts while they are tweeting.

And what’s more, the new application tags along a widget too so you can keep tabs on new tweets, photos, videos and more, apart from receiving breaking news and other country-specific updates instantly. It is even possible to favorite or retweet right from the widget. Twitter now permits you to doodle and draw on pictures as well to share them with your followers. It works like a charm with the S-Pen on Galaxy Note tablets.

The Twitter for Android tablet application is now available for Samsung slates and will be released for other gadgets in the next couple of months or so.