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Twitter expanded tweets now support rich media content

Twitter Expanded Tweets

A certain San Francisco-based microblogging SNS wants its users to ‘experience more’ through the enhanced Twitter expanded tweets support. With this update, members will be access previews of various content including images, videos and more through posts.

Aimed towards creating an intuitive and convenient way to discover rich media on the web, each tweet that’s linked to an outside source will now display a preview of the content displayed on the URL. For instance, when a post is linked to a news article, users will be presented with the headline, the introduction and maybe even the publisher’s or writer’s Twitter account, on expanding the tweet.

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“Starting today, you can discover more interactive experiences inside any Tweet on twitter.com and mobile.twitter.com. When you expand Tweets containing links to partner websites, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more. You’ve probably expanded Tweets before to play videos from YouTube or see photos from Instagram,” states Michael Sippey, Director, Product Team through a post made on the official Twitter blog.

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Apart from just viewing the article, members can choose to read it, follow the writer, add the content to favorites and even retweet the post. Moreover, if the link possesses any video content from partners like Lifetime and Dailymotion, users will be able to view clips directly from that page. The SNS is also increasing its portfolio with new associates for delivering rich embedded content within tweets.

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The new additions to Twitter expanded tweets will start rolling out to all users on the social network website as well as the mobile optimized version starting today. The feature is said to be coming soon for the Twitter for iPhone and Android applications.