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Twitter custom timeline can be your scrapbook of interesting tweets

Fancy yourself as quite the competent news curator of things that are rocking Twitter-verse? The social media and micro-blogging site is proud to present custom timelines. In other words, you can create your own virtual bulletin board of tweets you think are worthy of a place on it.

These custom timelines will be public and have a page of their own. This should allow for easy sharing and people who want to follow the page can do so without breaking a sweat too. What’s more, they can even be embedded on websites.

Twitter Custom Timelines

What’s the use of Twitter custom timeline?

Say, you’re a journalist who wishes to collect relevant tweets on a certain story and share it with followers. Why wouldn’t custom timeline be practical? All those who want to stay updated on the breaking news need not go about trying to follow each and every person tweeting about it.

If your fans have faith in your ability to pick out the best updates from around Twitter, simply following your custom timeline built around a particular topic would probably be enough for them. But you’ll need to sign up for the company’s TweetDeck application in order to create this ‘scrapbook of tweets.’

Yes, we know. You want to get started right away, but it’s all very confusing. Here’s a handy guide from Mashable to help you build a custom timeline. The picture posted above is a screenshot of a curated timeline put together by The Voice’s Carson Daly. Twitter #music, Bleacher and Politico have also made their own tweet hubs.