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Twitter to break free of 140-character limit on September 19


Twitter had made a whole bunch of people very happy when it announced that it was planning to tweak the way the 140-character limit works back in May this year. However, it’s already September and there’s no sign of these changes yet.

The Verge now reports that Twitter is finally getting a move on the shift starting from September 19. The microblogging site itself isn’t confirming the news though. Two sources familiar with the brand’s business are doing that instead, but warn that the date of the rollout may alter.

If all goes according to plan, individuals will be greeted with a new-and-improved Twitter come September 19. The platform won’t count media attachments such as photos, polls, videos and GIFs as part of the 140-character limit. Same goes for usernames which appear at the beginning of a tweet.

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It’s not clear as yet whether all these changes will occur at once or in stages. In any case, users will have a lot more space to flex their writing muscles than before. Twitter had previously even considered extending the limitation to more than just 140 characters, but later decided against that so that it didn’t lose out on the creativity, brevity, and speed required by the restriction.

Other than the modifications to the character limit, Twitter has also implemented a number of other changes for members over the course of the past few months like the ability to retweet themselves, filter out trolls, and check if someone has read their Direct Message (DM).

SourceThe Verge