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Twitpic for iPhone flies across iTunes

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Social butterflies can now flutter around with glee as the Twitpic for iPhone app finally makes its presence felt across the mobile terrain. Just recently, the official Twitpic blog revealed that the newest member to the iTunes store is now available for download.

With this software neatly packed into their Apple device, users will be able to seamlessly share all their beautiful pictures as well as interesting videos almost instantly. Besides showing off their photography skills, gadget owners can view snaps and video clips taken by others on Twitter. In order to stay abreast of all the latest happenings and topics floating around the social space, the app acts as a window for viewing daily popular content.

The developer of Twitpic has also thrown an integrated photo editor into the whole amalgamation. This particular tool enables all those who have been bitten by the creativity bug to create their perfect photo. This can be done by utilizing photo filters and simple editing tools. Users can also surf through pictures uploaded by well known Twitpic loyalists.

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Accommodated under the Photo & Video category in the Apple App Store, it will require just 5.5MB space in the iOS device. The dedicated iTunes page further goes on to reveal that the latest entrant is compatible with not only the iPhone, but also with the iPod touch and iPad.

The Twitpic for iPhone price and availability has been revealed on the official Twitpic blog. Enthusiasts can download the software absolutely free of cost. Moreover, photography buffs wielding an Android-powered handset or tablet need not frown as an Android version of the same can be expected to see a release before the end of this month.