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Tweetbot for iOS gets a major update, becomes Universal app for iPad

Tweetbot for iOS happens to be a favorite of those who don’t quite like the official Twitter app that’s available for the Apple platform. The large number of people who are using it will be pleased to know that a big update has been issued for it by its makers, equipping it with some really interesting features.

Mainly, Tweetbot 4 brings with it the ability to work as a Universal app on iOS. This means iPad users will for the first time be able to use the modern interface which iPhone owners have been experiencing since a long time. They will moreover, also be able to take advantage of the split view multi-tasking functionality that was introduced through iOS 9 recently.

But that’s not the only addition which its two-man development team has made to Tweetbot 4. Fresh Statistics and Activity View tabs have now been introduced, allowing users to gain a good perspective about various aspects about their tweets and followers.


Landscape mode has also made its way into this new version, along with a new Column View which works only on the iPad and the larger iPhones. The mute filter settings are more detailed than before, whereas the quick reply functionality from iOS 9 is also being exploited.

Another new addition of Tweetbot is that of a night mode that supports reading in low-light. The app benefits from improved user profiles as well, apart from many other backend optimizations.

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Tweetbot 4 can be grabbed now as a Universal app through the Apple App Store in exchange of $4.99. This is actually a limited-time discounted price, as the app actually costs $9.99.