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TVS Gold Bharat keyboard shines with new Indian Rupee symbol

TVS Gold Bharat keyboard

India has recently received its official Indian Rupee symbol further enhancing the nation’s pride. As the country gears up to celebrate its 63th Independence Day, TVS Electronics is all set to give its residents another reason to cheer for their mother land. The company unveils the TVS Gold Bharat which is claimed to be the premier keyboard in India to incorporate the new Indian Rupee symbol.

The TVS Gold keyboard is fashioned to suit Indian conditions and provide users with a long lasting Cherry mechanical switch of up to 50 million keystrokes. The device can even be employed with Windows and Linux PCs. The keycaps strewn across the keyboard are laser etched to ensure longevity of the keys.

TVS Gold Bharat Keyboard, S. S. Raman, Managing Director, TVS Electronics commented, “We are proud to depict the Indian Rupee symbol in our keyboard and we are the first and only Indian manufacturer to do so. As the core Indian company, we believe in ‘Taking IT to the heart of India’ and this is our humble dedication to the nation this independence day. We are also facilitating faster and comprehensive rollout across all the products.”

The bilingual keyboards of the TVS Gold have the ability to support various Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam and Assamese among others. The operating voltage and supply current of the keyboard is 5v + 10% and 10mA respectively. TVS reveals that the storage and operating temperature is individually -40oC to 60oC and 5oC to 45oC. The keyboard measures 490 x 180 x 20 mm and comes complete with an instructional manual.

The TVS Gold Bharat keyboard is tagged with a price of Rs. 1,495 and can be picked up from around 3,500 authorized dealers in India as well as from online sites like eBay.