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TVMini HD Express, a One Touch TV for your Mac or iPod rolled out by Miglia

TVMini HD Express

Miglia, a provider of digital media products, has unveiled the Mac-only TVMini HD Express for US’ “free to air” digital television users.

TVMini HD Express, which bundles The Tube software, allows users to perform just about any and every function whilst watching TV. Users can watch, pause, rewind, skip forward and even record live digital TV with the TVMini HD Express. The new innovative TubeToGo feature makes it possible for users to watch pre-recorded TV anywhere in the world. All that’s required is a web browser and a Wi-Fi connection.

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What’s more, if you are time crunched and just spinning from one place to the other, and regret missing all your favorite shows on TV, then regret no more. With the easy exports option you have your content, on your iPod easily and quickly, ready to watch at your convenience.

In a gist the main features and specs of the TVMini HD Express are:


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  • Watch, Pause, Rewind, Skip forward, Live HD TV
  • Record your favorite shows
  • Change channels, volume and pause live TV using your Apple Remote
  • Made for your Mac
  • Small portable Aluminum enclosure
  • Technical Specifications

  • Built in USB 2.0 connectivity
  • USB A Type
  • ATSC free to air digital TV
  • Standard definition 720p, 1080i resolution
  • Connect via antenna or cable
  • Record MPEG-2, export h.264 or MPEG-4
  • USB powered, no external power supply required
  • Minimum requirements

  • Mac with built in USB 2.0 connectivity
  • G5/1.6 Ghz or higher, Intel processor
  • Mac OSX 10.4, 10.5 or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Internet connection required for software activation
  • HD Resolutions require dual G5 or Intel DualCore Processor
  • The TVMini HD Express is available from Miglia’s distribution affiliates or online store, with a price tag of $99.

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