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Incredibly cute iPhone accessory turns smartphone into mini lamp

iPhone Lamp

If you could lay hands on an adorable little accessory which turns the flashlight on your iPhone into a mini lamp, why wouldn’t you? Feast your eyes on Italian designer Nazzareno Ruspolini’s series of clip-on ‘lights’ for the Apple handset. The miniature lamps are designed so that they can be clamped onto the side of the smartphone.

Ruspolini calls his dainty creation the Ibat-Jour, derived from abat-jour, the last mentioned standing for a lampshade or an architectural device for deflecting light in the desired direction. The word also applies to window screens and skylights. We assume the designer replaced the first ‘a’ in ‘abat-jour’ with an ‘i’ to tie in with the iPhone branding.


The delicate-looking Ibat-Jour sits on top of the iPhone’s flash and diffuses the light emitted by it. Its semi-transparent body softens the otherwise harsh glare of the LED unit. But forget about reading by lamplight at night. The diffused glow doesn’t appear to be bright enough to allow that without causing some serious eye strain. We could see it being used as a soothing night light, if you don’t mind the potential drain on your battery for whatever reason.

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The Ibat-Jour comes in four different design options. But you may only get to pick it up in the color white. This tiny device is built layer upon layer using a 3D printer, with polyamide as the construction material. It’s not clear if Ruspolini plans to sell the Ibat-Jour to iPhone users or not, but you can check it out for yourself by visiting the source link pasted below. No word on the likely price of course.