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5 TuneUp Media Alternatives

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A good TuneUp Media alternative will help you get your music collection sorted with minimal effort. From managing your entire list of tracks to filling in missing album cover art, a reliable solution should have the ability to take care of all these requirements and then some. Now the question that arises here is just where can you find such a handy program that will provide you with an easy-to-use interface and awesome features which would let you perform iTunes cleanups and arrange your acoustic assortment according to your preference? Well, fret not as we’ve lined up a handful of solutions to choose from. Go ahead and take a peek.

1 – RinseMyMusic:

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No, this isn’t a name of a new mouthwash brand but an interesting piece of software that helps you seamlessly repair and organize your iTunes music library in a number of practical ways. For one, it has the ability to repair misspelled songs, album details and artist information. The program even gets rid of duplicate tracks that are simply hogging up precious storage space as well as provides missing album art so that your music can have a visually appealing façade as well. It also adds missing dates, genres, albums and artists to your compilation. The program is compatible with Mac OS X as well as Windows Vista and XP computers and can be downloaded from the official website absolutely free of cost. ‘Rinse my music now,’ is the call to arms here. So if you’re pleased with the features you see here, you can exclaim the same and enjoy a clutter-free music experience.

UPDATE: RinseMyMusic has been shut down

2 – MusicBrainz Picard:

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With this entrant in our programs like TuneUp Media roster sitting in your PC, you’ll be able to tag your song files with correct bits of information without even breaking a sweat. It’s a cross-platform treat that lends support to most audio file formats and utilizes an album-oriented approach to correctly label the music you love. You can further take complete advantage of dedicated plugins that add to the application’s feature list.

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And if the name seems to be a bit familiar to some of you out there, that’s probably because it’s christened after Captain Jean-Luc Picard from the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series, according to the brains behind this endeavor. This one is a free to acquire gem that plays well with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux PCs.

3 – SongGenie 2:

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‘Does your music library need a face lift?,’ quips the developer of this enticing software. Well, if you agree with that statement, we think this could be just the companion you’re looking for. The program can aid you in cleaning up incorrect track information, completing missing fields and figuring out unknown titles. What’s more, it even finds lyrics to for your tracks so that you can hold karaoke sessions anywhere, anytime.

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See how close you are to ‘collection perfection’ after analyzing your entire music collection. Now unlike the previously mentioned freebies, this one is going to cost you just under $30 to procure. You can pick it up from the Mac App Store or the company’s official website. There’s also a special MusicLovers Bundle that’s available for $49.99 for one Mac PC.

4 – CopyTrans TuneTastic:

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Looking for a solution that will help clean up your iTunes library? Well, why not give this one a go? It fixes broken iTunes links and even imports orphan files or missing songs with just a few clicks. And however large your music library may be, the application can dive right in and scan it to successfully identify duplicate tracks. You can also espy tiny awards that point out ‘the most played track’, ‘overall best track’ and ‘the first added track.’ With the help of these options, you can go ahead and remove the unwanted ones from iTunes. However, if adding missing iTunes artwork is one attribute you crave, well you’ll just have to wait a bit. This particular feature has a ‘coming soon’ tag attached to it. The free delight in our software similar to TuneUp Media array is fashioned for Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8.

5 – Tagalicious:

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Our final inclusion emerges from the house of the little app factory and forays onto the scenario bearing loads of useful features for all you audiophiles out there. It’s blessed with the ability to tag your tracks with the right labels even if they were previously endowed with indecipherable names. You can further track song information through your iTunes library by music genres or release years. And apart from simply filling in the void with song tags, this contender in our programs like TuneUp Media roundup also provides track lyrics and album artwork, which means that your Now Playing screen and Cover Flow in iTunes will appear equally vibrant as your songs. As the maker reveals, the program employs the use of audio analysis to get the correct song information so irrespective of the encoding quality or track length variations, you’ll still be able to get espy the right data bits.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Tagalicious has been discontinued too


Just like the software shining in the spotlight here, the aforesaid options in our TuneUp Media alternative list lets you organize your digital music collection just the way you want. They are you’re best bets for sorting out your disorganized track compilation, getting rid of duplicate songs, fixing inaccurate song information bits and filling in missing album cover art. The program in question can indeed accomplish all these tasks but if you want to try out a few similar solutions we suggest you take your pick from this enterprising lot. And once you zero in on a specific winner in your books, don’t forget to return and leave your ideal mention in the box situated just below.