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TryPhone allows Users to Test Mobile Phones before Purchasing them

TryPhone BlackBerry Pearl

We usually have a test drive of a car before we purchase it. In fact the same thing is applicable with few other small things like perfume, cosmetics etc. but we never try and test a mobile phone before buying it, because of which we may attimes even regret buying the device due to its complicated functions it incorporates.

To eliminate this complaint Mobile Complete has launched an innovative tool, which will allow users to test mobile phones that they are keen to purchase. The application named TryPhone provides an online trial of a variety of phones before purchase.

Mobile Complete claims to develop the DeviceAnywhere suite of products, an interactive consumer-focused Web Program supporting over 1,000 devices.

However, currently only four phones are available for test. Most-craved phone namely Blackberry Pearl, Samsung’s Juke, LG’s Muziq and Apple’s iPhone are available for trial on its website.

Mobile Complete CEO – Faraz Syed, stated, “TryPhone’s goal is to empower consumers to make educated decisions when choosing phones right for them, as well as helping them to understand how to take advantage of all the cool features available on today’s devices.”

Moreover, looking at the privacy and security, the new application of trying phones restricts users from making a prank call and operating a few functions.

Test-drive Mobile Handsets program is currently accessible on www.tryphone.com.