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Trump says Apple’s building 3 plants in the US

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Apple may begin manufacturing its products in the US going by claims made by President Donald Trump in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. He claims that the company’s CEO Time Cook called him up and promised to build 3 big plants in the country.

Apple declined to comment on the assertion. Trump apparently told Cook that he wouldn’t consider his administration an economic success until Apple began building its plants in the nation. Cook supposedly called him back and said that it was going forward.

Rumors about Apple manufacturing in the US have been swirling around the brand for quite some time now. Trump frequently lambasted it for manufacturing its iPhones in China and later told the New York Times that he had spoken to Cook on the matter in a phone call.

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The only device which Apple currently produces in the US is the Mac Pro. It recently expanded its operations to India via a partnership with supplier Wistron. This is its standard procedure, choosing to partner with OEMs like Pegatron and Foxconn to assemble its iPhones and iPads.

It’s possible Cook was referring to these outside companies in his phone call with Trump, perhaps talking about how they were planning to set up plants in the US. This is entirely feasible since Foxconn is rumored to be thinking of opening its first US factory.

Apple has never publicly confirmed plans to kickstart assembling iPhones in the US. Concerns include a rise in production costs and lack of infrastructure. It did announce plans to open a $1 billion US advanced manufacturing fund in May 2017, but that initiative concentrates on other companies.