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Truecaller develops its own dialer app, unsurprisingly calls is Truedialer

Truecaller, the app used by many around the world to stay away from unwanted callers and even finding out their names, has an accompanying app called Truedialer now, which has just been made available. This utility is hoping to become your new dialer, and is trying to entice you with some pretty neat features.

Available for free on Android and Windows Phone platforms, Truedialer works in a very simple manner. It appears like the usual dialer app, and the moment you start dialing any number on it, it looks through your phone book to find whose number is it. But if the number isn’t present in your contacts, it begins searching in its database to give you other options.


It moreover, not only works with numbers but also with names. Swiping towards the left brings up a keyboard with which you can type the name of the person whose number you’re looking for. The same process then follows – the app will look into your contacts first, and if the person is not included in there, it will begin searching in the Truecaller database.

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This new utility even comes with a few other interesting feature for users to take advantage of. Truedialer lets you alter your contact information without having to enter any other contact management app. When any contact is shown on your screen, pulling towards the right takes you into that contact’s details, while swiping towards the left lets you send a text message. Just tapping on a particular contact immediately allows you call that number.

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Head over to the Play store or the Windows Phone Store now if you wish to download the Truedialer app for your devices.


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