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Truecaller gets updated with Truedialer features

Truecaller Update

Truecaller users will now be able to access the best of Truedialer’s features without having to download it separately. The company has decided to integrate both the apps into one superapp which should take care of all their calling needs.

This means Truedialer users will be forced to start jumping ship and return to the mainland as the application slowly gets phased out. The move makes sense since Truecaller is probably the more popular of the two. While Truedialer is set to become a relic of the past, Truemessenger is still around to handle those annoying spam texts.

Truecaller for Android version 6.60 brings 3 major new tools. First, Smart Call History automatically swaps unknown numbers with names and photos in the consumer’s call history within the app. The feature works even when a person is not saved in a phone’s contacts list. Second, Availability lets users know when it’s the best time to call their friends.

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It does this by stamping a red or green dot next to the individual’s name. The former indicates the contact is on a call or busy and the latter denotes that they’re free. The tool further displays the last time the friend was active. It should be noted that Availability is only possible if the other person has the app installed in their smartphone.

Third, Truecaller now sports a built-in dialer so people can directly ring others without having to exit the app. In addition to these big changes, the upgrade also introduces a redesigned look and a new app icon. In a blog post, the company says that it’s begun rolling out the changes to Android users and the update should reach everyone within a couple of weeks.

You can download Truecaller via the Google Play Store.