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Trial-run of Online Passport Registrations begun in India

Passport Online Registration The ministry of external affairs has introduced a new scheme for online registration of passport applications at Delhi’s regional passport office. But this is just on a trial basis for the moment.

Under this new system, applicants who have access to internet facility can go to the website assigned for this purpose, which is www.passport.gov.in. Once on the site the user has to select ‘online registration’, in order to fill the form.

A printout will then be given to the applicant showing the data and time to visit the RPO, Delhi for submitting the application along with requisite documents after filling up the online form.

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Through online registration, the applicants will not have to take any token and can straightaway submit their forms on the data and time indicated in the printout.

The new system can be used for fresh passports, re-issue of passports and for getting new passport booklets in lieu of lost or damaged passports.

However good this may sound, you may still end up going to the regional passport office on the suggested date and time. But, you would surely save time by not having to wait for the “Babu” (Local Government officer) to call you.

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