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Transforming Day-to-Day Tasks: Must-Have Features for Help Desk Software


It goes without saying that, when it comes to operations, efficient help desk software is a vital tool. If used correctly, it can transform how your team manages its day-to-day tasks, creating a more effective and productive way of working that keeps your clients happy.

Whether you’re looking for a new system or you’re upgrading the one you have, here are some of the key things you should look out for:

An Interface that’s User-Friendly

Even though your help desk is going to be used by tech-savvy employees, it’ll also be used by members of your team that aren’t as technical. Therefore, no advanced software is going to be any use if your users can’t access it easily.

So, when you’re looking for a help desk for your organization, make sure it’s convenient to use and easy to navigate. Having an efficient piece of software will help you get all your employees on board, making sure they use it properly and effectively. Because people don’t like change within the workplace, this is crucial when implementing new systems.

A Thorough Ticket Management System

This is without a doubt one of the most important features you should look for in your help desk software. An efficient tracking and ticket management system will be able to monitor and organize all of your company’s active and passive tickets. That’s why you’ll want to take a look at how the software presents active tickets to you, and this will be dependent on your business priorities or service-level agreement. Making sure the software is in line with your company will ensure the new software is capable of meeting your business’s needs.

For example, a number of team members may have to deal with one ticket. Equally, there are often several tickets that can be grouped together because they deal with a similar issue. Good software, like SysAid’s help desk, will allow you to escalate and reassign tickets with ease so your agents are able to resolve tickets quickly, improving their workflow immeasurably.

A System that Converts Other Methods of Communication into Tickets

Clients won’t always get in touch with you by phone, as many favor the use of emails, texts, social channels, or chat facilities that allow them to get in touch with you while they’re on the go. Therefore, having help desk software that converts all methods of communication into tickets is fundamental, especially if you’re wanting to add these lines of communication to your business.

This provides added convenience to your customers while also ensuring all inquiries are dealt with by your team. By converting each message into a ticket, it’ll save lots of time and effort on your team’s part, making sure all of the transactions conducted are quick and efficient.

A Knowledge Base Everyone Can Refer To

In most companies, there will be issues that reoccur time and time again, and an efficient help desk system will create a knowledge base of these problems. This helps team members who aren’t familiar with the issue to access all of the information that’s gone before, so they can resolve the ticket quickly, without having to research and look into the problem in more detail.

However, this knowledge base doesn’t just save time as it can also help your company resolve issues that continue to occur. Having a historical database of incidents allows your team to identify areas for improvement, which, as they’re resolved, will reduce the workload that’s placed on your agents.

A System that Offers Self-Help Portals

Another great way to reduce the amount of pressure that’s on your agents’ shoulders is to offer self-help portals for clients. This allows people to resolve issues on their own without having to contact any of your agents to do so. Using these portals they can submit their ticket and track it while also accessing frequently asked questions that may help them get to the bottom of their issue quickly.

Access to Metrics

One of the ways you can continually improve your team and company is to monitor and track how things are progressing. A good ticketing system will allow you to analyze your team’s performance and progress. It’ll allow you evaluate or analyze tickets that have been resolved, while also enabling you to see the responses that have been received.

This not only allows you to make improvements in the areas that are lacking, but it also enables you to tailor the training programs you offer to your team. For example, you may notice that certain areas are falling behind others, which allows you to make necessary changes in order to improve these.

With these key features, you’ll be able to select help desk software that meets all your business needs.