Transcend upgrades JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drive to 8GB in India

Transcend 8GB JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drive Transcend has announced that an 8GB version of its most popular USB flash drive JetFlash V30 is now available. Previously available in capacities ranging from 512 MB to just 4GB, this higher capacity storage device will be welcomed by many. Now, you will be able to store much more than before.

The JetFlash V30 has a tiny, curved and ultra-compact body which measures just 60×16.5×8.1mm and weighs only 7g. It is literally smaller than a finger and can be stored in your wallet too.

Making it easy to operate is the fact that the JetFlash V30 USB drive is bundled with the JetFlash elite software which has been developed to help users manage their data with ease, thereby increasing productivity.

The Transcend JetFlash V30 USB flash drive is compatible with Windows 98 SE/ 2000/ Me/ XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.0/ OS X and Linux Kernel 2.4.2 or later. This allows for seamless data exchange between different operating systems.

All of Transcend’s USB drives come with a lifetime warranty and are immediately available in India for a price of Rs.2,000.