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Transcend Low-Powered DDR2-667 FB-DIMM launched in India


Transcend has announced to launch the low power DDR2-667 FB-DIMM in India. The latest low powered DDR2-667 is fully-buffered DIMMs (FB-DIMM) is especially designed for servers and workstations. Besides, they come in two capacities 1GB and 2GB.

The DDR2 FB-DIMM operates on as low power as 1.8V to 1.55V, which reduces actual memory power consumption by 20-30%. The decreased power offers the benefits such as temperatures, improved stability, and reduced operating costs. Hence, Transcend claims that newly launched RAMs are especially significant for enterprise platforms such as application servers or embedded systems that employ many modules and require stable and reliable memory performance.

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Furthermore, FB-DIMM is also equipped with a high-performance Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) that acts as an intermediary between DRAM and the system bus, using an efficient serial-based uplink to communicate with the memory controller.

Transcend ensures the quality of the DDR2-667 FB-DIMM with robust eight-layer PCBs, which meet JEDEC (the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standards.

Austin Huang, Regional Head – Sales, SAARC and APAC, Transcend, said, “We are extremely proud to have pushed the performance standards of Transcend products yet once again with the launch of Transcend’s low power DDR2-667 Fully-Buffered DIMMs. We are confident that our consumers will appreciate the excellent performance offered by this product that Transcend has specially engineered to consume less power and perform real-time intelligent error correction, which is essential for performing mission-critical or compute-intensive tasks, as it can greatly reduce the risk of computational errors, while at the same time increasing the overall system stability.”

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The Transcend DDR2-667 FB-DIMM with 2GB capacity is available in the India at the price of Rs. 4,500.

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