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Transcend JetFlash V35, the Tiny Multicolor USB Flash Drive released

Transcend JetFlash V35 USB Flash Drives

Transcend has introduced a new range of tiny multicolored USB flash drives called JetFlash V35. Available in spunky translucent colors, V35 measures 58.3mm x 17.3mm x 8.8mm (L x W x D) and weighs only 8 grams.

The Transcend JetFlash V35 USB flash drives come in the capacities of 8GB, 4GB, 2GB and 1GB. It has a high price/performance ratio and easily fits into your shirt pocket or tight-fitting stacked USB ports on your desktop or notebook computer. Just about anywhere and everywhere! From storing important documents to transporting pictures and video clips to sharing pictures with friends, the V35 does it all.

Transcend’s latest JetFlash V35 can be bundled with Transcend’s own JetFlash elite software package available for download at www.transcendusa.com. Installing JetFlash elite gives users the additional advantages of eight helpful functions: AutoLogin, PC-Lock, Favorites, Secret-Zip, E-mail, DataBackup, Online Update and My JetFlash. The JetFlash V35 supports WindowsR 2000/Me/XP/Vista, MacR OS 9.0 and LinuxR Kernel 2.4.2 or later. The 8GB comes in Grape color, 4GB in Green Apple, 2GB is available in Peppermint color and the 1GB V35 comes in Cherry color. All the drives are packed with a lifetime warranty.

Features of the JetFlash V35 USB flash drive are:

  • Fully compatible with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and USB 1.1
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • JetFlashT elite Software pack (downloadable on Transcend website) includes:
  • *PC-Lock Function: Turns the JetFlash V35 into a key to lock/unlock your computer
    *Secret-Zip Function: Compress and/or password protect stored files using AES-256bit Encryption
    *E-Mail Function: Use your JetFlash V35 to securely send, receive and save e-mail
    *AutoLogin Function: Automatically login to websites that require your password
    *Favorites Function: Store all your favorite website addresses on the JetFlash V35
    *DataBackup Function: Backup, restore and synchronize your data using the JetFlash V35
    *My JetFlash: Conveniently manage the data in your JetFlash
    *Online Update: Update to the newest version of JetFlashT elite from the Transcend website

  • Driverless operation
  • USB powered. No external power or battery necessary
  • Lifetime Warranty