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Transaction Heroes Review: A complete Shopify order fulfillment solution

Transaction Heroes

Opening a Shopify store was probably the best thing you’ve done for your small business. There’s more demand for your products than you had ever imagined. The orders are increasing day by day, and you can’t keep up with the load of packing them, shipping them and solving customer inquiries. Transaction Heroes is the service you should be checking out, if you want to make sure that your Shopify order fulfillment goes smoothly. It’s a service aimed towards simplifying your business, as it does all the heavy lifting part of packing and shipping, so you can focus on selling your products.

Three very important aspects are completely taken care of by Transaction Heroes. The first is packaging and shipping, second is providing tracking information to the customers and the third is the after-sales service. Here’s a breakdown of how the process actually works.

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When a customer places an order on your Shopify store, Transaction Heroes gets notified as soon as you do. It is now their job to reach your doorstep and pick up the product. They will then pack, label and ship the order to your customer, saving you the hassle of having to do all this by yourself. Their services don’t end there though, as you may have guessed by now.

Status Rapport

Status Rapport happens to be a separate part of Transaction Heroes that’s aimed entirely at customer service. Thanks to this, your customers need not worry about their online order, as they are continually sent status and progress reports of their orders, not just via text messages, but also via email.

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If customers have questions about their order or their delivery, they can even take advantage of the site’s chat feature, which is manned by the Transaction Heroes staff. The creators of this service had observed that 82 percent of post-transaction customer calls to e-commerce businesses are about order status inquiries. Surely then, having a robust feature like Status Rapport can be very beneficial for your Shopify store.

The Transaction Heros website also has a lot of its attention focused on reducing returns. Their Delivery Assurance Program tracks every shipment from the time an order is shipped to the time it is delivered at the depot for customer pick-up. Up to three alerts are sent by the service to the customer by text or email to remind them that their package is ready for pick-up. This practice adds so much to the overall customer experience and is proven to reduce return rates by as much as 78 percent.

This makes Transaction Heroes the perfect order fulfillment solution for your Shopify store. If you’re finding that the logistics of your orders are taking time away from completing core competencies, taking advantage of this specialized and affordable service is the best way forward. To date, it has delivered more than 2.4 million orders worldwide, while its customer service department claims to have resolved more than 90 percent of customer inquiries in a single call. Visit this link to get in touch with them and find out how you can get started.

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