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Top 5 Web Conference Tools

Hybrid Conference As work has shifted from in-person to remote, businesses and employees have had to rely more on technology than ever before. One of the most important tools in use is a web conference tool. Using these tools lets teams meet face-to-face as if they were in the office. What’s more, the best web conferencing tools have features such as screen sharing, mobile apps, recording ability, and more.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, you likely had not heard of Zoom. However, once everyone was trapped at home, Zoom calls between family and friends, business partners, and contractors and clients became the norm. Zoom exploded in popularity and is now the top web conference tool available.

Zoom offers both free and paid plans. If you’re a contractor or freelancer, a free account should get the job done. On the other hand, businesses will find premium plans well worth the money with all the features and ease of use. Zoom offers all the best features like scheduling meetings, chats, viewing captions, live streaming meetings, app integrations, and much more.

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Webex has been around for nearly three decades, and since it fell under the ownership of Cisco in 2007, it’s been under constant innovation. Webex is tailored more towards business use than personal or small-scale use. As it was acquired by Cisco, Webex users benefit from unique integrations of Cisco’s tools.

Beyond the direct advantage of being a Cisco product, Webex is an easy-to-use tool with unique features like Reactions. Webex also has useful features like cloud recording, real-time transcriptions, and breakout rooms. The downfall of Webex is it’s more expensive than other web conference tools and may be overkill for small businesses and contractors.

Google Meet

google meet While most professionals have used web conference tools and are familiar with the interfaces and functionality, Google Meet stands out from its competitors. Google Meet is a browser-based tool, not an application, which may prove to be more of an advantage than at first thought. Since the tool is on the browser, anyone with access to the internet can quickly hop into a Google Meet meeting instead of having to install an application before joining a call.

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Google Meet has all the standard conferencing features like screen sharing, a chat tool, video and audio recordings, and whiteboard tools. On top of those features, Google Meet also integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace apps, includes document collaboration, and saves meeting recordings to Google Drive automatically. However, businesses that want more advanced features need to sign up for a Google Workplace membership.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is used primarily by teams and companies who already use Microsoft 365 as it comes as a part of the suite. The tool is feature rich as it comes with whiteboarding tools, group chat, private chat, virtual backgrounds, video and audio recordings, and much more. What’s more, Microsoft Teams is customizable and integrates well with other Microsoft apps and third-party apps.

However, there is a Microsoft teams echo problem where users report hearing a strong echo from themselves or other call participants. Nonetheless, Microsoft Teams remains one of the best web conference tools among businesses that are currently using Microsoft products. Businesses and individuals who do not use Microsoft may want to opt for one of the other web conferencing tools.

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BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Meetings may not be as recognizable as some of the other web conference tools, yet it remains one of the best options on the market for multi-platform conferencing. Plus, as it was recently acquired by Verizon, it’s expected to continue growing. The web conference tool has both a browser version and a desktop app. BlueJeans has all the standard features of other tools plus conference transcription and breakout rooms.

The downfall of BlueJeans Meetings is the browser-based tool doesn’t have access to all the features that are available on the desktop application. BlueJeans also doesn’t have a free tier. Nonetheless, it is a great option for those who need the multi-platform capability.

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