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Top 7 Study Apps To Improve Your Study

study apps for online teaching Education is in trend. Today, all kinds of educational applications occupy the first lines in the App Store or Play Store and are in demand by hundreds of thousands of users. In addition to Instagram and TikTok on iPhone, there are many really useful apps in the App Store or Play Store that can help you become more productive, smarter, and better in every way. Educational applications help users of different ages and with varying levels of training to study specific academic disciplines and provide biology, chemistry, mathematics, economics homework help. Below you will find the best study apps to help you focus on your studies and improve your academic performance.

Castle Quiz

Castle Quiz is a strategy quiz game for high school students on all academic topics. To win and occupy more lands and capture the opponent’s castle, you need to answer the questions correctly. You can play here with a random opponent, choosing a particular topic as the subject of battle: literature, social studies, English, US history, or physics. Questions are divided into topics – you can play both “The Master and Margarita” and the history of the United States of the XX century. Thanks to this game, you can improve your knowledge in many disciplines and prepare for exams.


Users of this application can exchange information with each other, answering each other’s questions arising during their studies. This is a platform where students are academic assistants. If you know a subject perfectly well, you can always share your knowledge with other students. The more you answer, the more points you earn, and your status grows with points – from “Newbie” to “Brain.” The main goal of the application, according to the developers, is to provide correct and complete answers. Janelle Randazza, the staff writer at Reviewed, says the app is easy to use, and you can quickly scan verified answers and post questions, making learning a lot easier.


Coursera is a good graduate course search platform. Here you can find several thousand courses in various fields such as marketing, management, IT. Thanks to the pre-completed courses, you will understand whether the profession and college entrance are right for you or you need to look for another direction. The developers have collected only the best courses taught by hundreds of top educational institutions. Rebekah Pierce, in her review, said that this is the unique platform that will help you quickly realize your ambitions. The application is used by over 50 million students worldwide – the numbers speak for themselves about the usefulness of this platform.


Apple gadget users will surely appreciate the Pages text editor. Here you can find the right words, images and do a stylish project. With one touch, you can choose the appropriate font, style, spacing between characters and lines. You can also take a photo and immediately place it in the document. With just one touch, drag, or twist of your fingers, you can resize the image, rotate it, or remove the background. For a beautiful design of academic reports and presentations, this is the most suitable tool.


While unattended addition and subtraction can train the brain, sometimes a calculator is needed. PhotoMath is one of the most popular calculators in the world that uses a smartphone camera to work. Just point the camera at a math problem, and PhotoMath will give you an answer or a detailed step-by-step solution right away.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular online learning resource. Khan Academy helps study more traditional subjects like math, science, physics, economics, and more. The app provides access to over 10,000 videos. You can use them to learn new things or to update old knowledge. The popularity of Khan Academy is also because it is free. There are no fees or hidden fees. This makes it one of the best budget learning apps.


SoloLearn is a Google Play developer. It offers a huge number of applications that teach programming. They support web languages like HTML, common languages like Java or C ++, and even more specialized ones like Python. A separate application has been developed for each language, and each is free. Over time, of course, you will have to go through more advanced training. But in any case, you will receive good knowledge, for which you would have to pay a lot.