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Top Student Information Systems In 2021 | Pros And Cons

student on laptop with programming books Student Information System Software is best defined as an online tool or a web-based platform that aids educational institutions in collecting student data and carrying out simple activities that result in efficient management.

SIS helps record information like test results, student attendance, performance track, and a lot more. There are multiple variations of the Student Information Systems. With the rapid advancement in technology and its adoption in the educational sector, there is plenty to choose from.

RIO Education

RIO Education is ideal for institutions looking for end-to-end features for seamless enrollment and scheduling for higher education and large student databases. The system can add up to 1000 users. It allows seamless registration, easy tracking, and attendance, along with classroom management to talk of the benefits and features. Additionally, the online payment facility makes it easier for students to make payments.

The price of the RIO software is slightly high as it begins from $1800, and there are some cheaper alternatives present like CleverGround or Gradelink. Still, its multiple benefits and features make for an efficient system. The software also provides a 360-degree view of individual student interaction. For example, with RIO Education installed, users can enjoy easy visibility right from first conversations till course completion or graduation.


student studying using laptop CleverGround comes with an affordable and highly customizable system that makes for a good choice for college administration. It comes equipped with valuable features like Assessment Management, Attendance Tracking, Class Registration, Class Scheduling, Alumni Management, e-tests, staff management, and grade books. The software is highly suited for engineering or higher education institutions.

Creating e-modules, curriculum, and tracking each student’s academic performance is made more accessible with CleverGround. When compared to its competition, a few tools offer an array of extended benefits in similar price ranges and have seen more success from users.

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GradeLink packages starting from $97/month and offers a list of features that are beneficial for administration purposes. These include easy attendance tracking, class registration, grade books, easy online payments, parent portals, and ease in preparing progress reports.

These make it a preferred tool for educational institutions like the primary, middle, and high school. When it comes to software for educational institutions dealing with higher studies, there are far better alternatives than GradeLink.

Based on the performance of the software, reviews suggest that it is seamless to use and helps with performing everyday student’s information related tasks with comfort. The customer support staff is excellent and prompt at providing solutions. However, some complaints have hinted at the frequent errors that lead to the sudden stopping of the software that may delay tasks.


MyClassCampus permits users ranging from 201-1000 and is ranked best suited for K-12 schools and colleges. The software comes equipped with additional features like financial aid management, e-modules, and tests, along with a parent portal and easy online payments. The software indeed ranks better than the others mentioned above. It falls under a similar price range but offers a broader list of features and benefits to users.

Reviews have further suggested that the platform is one place for all management needs at an educational institution. What adds to this is the mobile applications that make use possible even on the go. The parent portal feature allows greater visibility to track the individual growth of children.


Currently being used by schools in about 44 countries, The ALMA system software has won its recognition owing to its ease of use. It provides all features as listed in the case of MyClassCampus apart from the financial aid management and a more significant distinctive factor that it is not suitable for higher education.

ALMA awards the users with easy implementation and tracking with a few simple steps. Reviews have further stated that some features like the descriptions can get confusing at times which ends up taking more time when users fail to decode the filtering option.


The availability of these and additional SIS tools have aided in achieving higher quality on management and tracking progress for students. As the student numbers increase by each academic year, these tools help educational institutions maintain accessible databases of existing students and keep information of the college alumni safe in these systems. Educational institutions must look for tools that provide customized solutions for their data and student’s information.