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Top Sentence Checker Tools For Students

There are a lot of different academic works college students get engaged in. Class lessons are followed by assignment work for essays, diplomas, coursework, research papers, and so on. Writing from scratch can be difficult, but with the many online resources and programs available, students can save time and write better.

student job Online editing programs help students create better sentences, correct errors, and check for plagiarism. If a student utilizes these programs, they can save themselves the hustle of cramming all grammar rules.


Ginger is an online tool that assists you in writing and swiftly corrects your writings. The tool corrects grammar, spelling, and incorrect words with unsurpassed precision using patent-pending algorithms dependent on the context of whole phrases.

Ginger’s Essay Checker helps you edit your essay fast. You can use Ginger to rephrase sentences, check spelling errors and translate your manuscript to more than 40 international languages.  Its premium plan costs $13.99 monthly and you can also choose to pay annually or bi-annually. The free plan gives you limited corrections of up to 350 characters.


  • Compatible with Windows OS, Android, Apple, Mac, and MS Office.
  • Has many features
  • Has a free and premium plan


  • Limited corrections for free plan
  • Does not work offline

Today, there are a large number of different programs available that simplify learning for students. Books, study programs, and essay examples are some of the online tools that help make the studying process easy for all university students. It is important to learn how to use them to gain maximum benefits in college. Essay examples help you become a better writer but If you do not have the time or opportunity to write this work yourself, then you will be helped here by Writingbros. Essay services are there to help you achieve more within a short period.


ProWritingAid Features a grammar checker and helps you write clearer sentences with a better style. With ProWritingAid, you can check for punctuation errors, repetitive phrases, and sentence structure.

When using ProWritingAid, you get several advantages. You can integrate features like web, Google Docs, MS Office, Browser extension, essay checker, grammar, and plagiarism checker. The program has various resources like Word Explorer, Dictionary, writing resources, and Grammar Guide. ProWritingAid free version allows you to edit a maximum of 500 per session. If you want to access more features, you can choose to pay $79 per year for Go Premium or $89 per year for Go Premium Plus. Currently, ProWritingAid doesn’t have a monthly subscription which is a disadvantage.


  • More words to edit for the free version
  • Several available resources
  • A high number of integrations


  • No monthly package for the premium version currently
  • Limited features for the free version

Many advantages go with sourcing for writing service. Students can save time, and write better texts through help from the writing service. You should choose established services if you want to avoid disappointments. Other websites provide free essay examples to help you improve your writing.


Grammarly is a common online editing tool that works almost with any software. Its proofreading features help you correct errors by making suggestions or explanations to the suggested corrections. Its free version helps correct most of your writing errors while the $12.50 per month premium version deals with advanced writing errors.

Your main advantages are unlimited editing with suggestions and explanations. You can install extensions on chrome and edit your work as you write. Sometimes it gives you too many suggestions that can work to your disadvantage.


  • Included plagiarism checker for the premium version
  • Compatible with most web-based tools
  • Unlimited editing even with the free version.


  • No access to advanced editing when using the free version
  • Sometimes it gives too many suggestions that can be confusing

The same services are often used by writers when they prepare texts to order and remain the favorite go-to tool for academic writers. The professional writers use this and other advanced tools to deliver quality on everything they take up.


WhiteSmoke is a premium only program that helps you detect even the tiniest errors to help you perfect your document. WhiteSmoke advantages are compatibility with Mac, MS Office, Gmail, and Windows.

Its included features are grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and language translator. The WhiteSmoke web version is currently priced at $5, although you can opt for an annual subscription in its premium and business version.


  • Checks even the smallest error
  • Included translator, grammar, style, and spell checker.
  • Very good for students


  • No free version currently

After the Deadline

After the Deadline helps check language for the web using checking features like advanced style, intelligent grammar, and contextual spell. This open-source tool uses AI to detect errors and offer suggestions. Personal users get the advantage of free access but commercial users must use their free server software.


  • Available in multiple languages
  • Can be installed as a plugin on WordPress
  • Free for personal use


  • Not consistent with error detection
  • Has limited features


Linguix uses AI technology to check your grammar errors and give you recommendations. Linguix advantages are in its features and products. It has a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and chrome extension.

Linguix free version limits spelling, punctuation, and grammar but its premium version has more features. Its premium version costs $8 per month and the team version $10 per month.


  • Fairly affordable
  • A lot of features in its premium version


  • Limited features

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor helps highlight hard-to-read sentences and basic errors in your text. Hemingway Editor has a feature that helps you share your work with colleagues and you can also export directly to WordPress, and MS Office. Versions for desktop costs $19.99 but if you choose the free version, you can only use it on the online interface.


  • Free online version
  • Has an affordable desktop version
  • Detect complex sentences


  • No editing suggestions
  • No add-ons for Chrome, MS Office, or Google Docs.


Editing your text is crucial because it helps you polish your work to make it presentable and avoid confusing grammatical errors. Sentence checker tools are many and your choice depends on the level of clarity you want your text to have. Although the free versions provide a good user experience, the premium versions come with excellent features that help you deal with complex sentence structures.  Note that these services are relevant now, but every year, new and more convenient ones appear.