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Top Reasons To Install A Home Security System

You don't need to "Home Alone" your way to peace of mind anymore.

Security Camera Only those who’ve had their homes burglarized are likely to understand the terror of having their safe space, a place to let their guard down, invaded. Of course, investing in basic home security is not just for those who know the true value of being able to sleep soundly at night, but also for folks who spend too much time away from their houses.

A home security system is not meant to protect users from thieves only. There are other dangers like fires, floods, wild animals, gas leaks and so on that you need to be wary of. The whole assembly of devices meant to offer home security on all these fronts comes under this category. If they can be remotely accessed and controlled, it adds to their usefulness.

A part of home security solutions includes the installation of home alarms, smoke detectors, sirens and electric fences among other things. Modern, Internet-connected security systems offer features such as remote control and alerts so that you can know whether your house and belongings are safe even when you’re on the road.

Why do you need a home security system?

Investing in a home security system might seem expensive. But when you compare it to the true cost of having your living space invaded and belongings destroyed or stolen, it’s worth the money. Also, you can always get a custom security system designed to match your needs and budget. Here is why you need a home security system:

  1. Protection from intruders

This one is a no-brainer. The main objective of having a home security system in place is to protect it from external attacks. It does not merely cover the physical aspect of preventing your safe space from being violated.

Home invasions have detrimental psychological effects, especially on younger and more vulnerable members of the family. Victims of residential burglary were found to have reported higher feelings of anxiousness, hostility, depression, tiredness, confusion, and psychological distress one and two weeks after the crime.

  1. To protect your valuables

Valuables Medal According to this FBI report, the dollar loss per burglary offense averages at $2,661. This is just the price of the objects that might be stolen, however. It does not take into account the time, effort and consideration you have put into buying them.

What’s more, a home is rich with many irreplaceable objects. This is also where we hoard our most precious things to which we have an emotional connection. A security system can guarantee their safety to a certain extent. You can protect your life accomplishments by keeping them in a well-secured home.

3. To attract better premiums on insurance

Homeowner’s insurance can become quite expensive for you if the insurer finds your property risky to insure. By installing a basic security system, you will be able to save a lot on such premiums. If your home is visibly safe and secure, insurers will generally charge you lower installment amounts.

4. Protection from environmental hazards

Apart from thieves, natural elements such as fires and floods can also pose threats to your house. You need to have smoke detectors, alarm systems, heat sensors, security cameras and other such devices in place to prevent damage to your property, or at least to alert you to vacate it (in case the situation cannot be salvaged) in a timely manner.

  1. 24/7 surveillance, no need for guards

Guard With a good home security system, you may not need to hire a guard to watch over it. Many independent houses ensconced within a gated area and high-end apartment buildings have security persons patrolling the borders or manning the main entrance.

An automated security system guarantees 24/7 surveillance which is more dependable than human personnel on guard — people get tired and bored. Using both measures, if necessary, can boost your security even further.

6. Watch your home while on the move

The worries of being away from your home are many. Some people would prefer to have a house sitter on call just to make sure all is well. But with a home security system installed, you don’t need to do that. You can remotely keep an eye on what is going on at home and get alerts to any possible dangers or security breaches.

Modern security systems with interconnected devices yield many more benefits as compared to the older ones. They’re not even that expensive or difficult to buy and set up these days. So you don’t need to “Home Alone” your way to peace of mind anymore.