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6 Best PowerPoint App For iPad

Our best PowerPoint app for iPad lineup comprises of software bits that play well with the Microsoft slide presentation program shining in the spotlight here. Through these innovative gems, you’ll be able to tell your story with the help of your engaging presentation directly from your portable Apple tablet. Now if you thought you couldn’t edit the presentation you put together on your PC last night via your portable gadget, well with any of the following top applications in place, you’ll be able to accomplish the same and that too while on the go.

best PowerPoint app for iPad

1 – SlideShark:


With the help of this virtual delight, you can show off the presentation you’ve spent hours on through your Apple gadget without compromising on quality. Everything from colors and graphics to fonts and animations remain unchanged. Developed by Brainshark, it even lets you view all your videos and hyperlinks just as they were intended to. Presentations can be viewed through your portable device from the company’s website where you uploaded them from your PC, email attachments or cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, ShareFile, Box, Syncplicity and SkyDrive.

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You can even broadcast or share your finished result without hopping onto a computer. What’s more, you can seamlessly connect your tablet to a projector or TV via the VGA/HDMI adaptor or AirPlay through Apple TV. As far as the pricing goes, 100MB storage space is proffered free while the Pro version will cost you $95 per year. For businesses, it’s $149 per year with storage capacity that starts at 5GB.

2 – Keynote:


Coming closer to home, we now have a presentation software application that’s plucked right out of Apple’s hat. This entrant in our PowerPoint app for iPad roster is noted to be a part of the iWork productivity suite created by the Cupertino company. Bring your show on the road by importing all your presentations that are fashioned in the Microsoft tool and displaying the same on your iPad minus any effort.

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You’ll be able to acquire these files from the internet, email, a WebDAV service or your computer. Another way of getting your stuff onto the portable gadget is to drag the presentation from your PC to icloud.com. Furthermore, you can export content as an image file, HTML, QuickTime movie, PDF file or directly perform YouTube uploads. You would have to shell out just under $10 to procure this one from iTunes.

3 – QuickOffice Pro HD:

QuickOffice Pro HD

The office suite roped in here lets you create, view or edit various Microsoft Office items like spreadsheets, documents and presentations from your Apple slab. You can seamlessly tweak your content, numbers, colors, text, backgrounds, paragraphs and images directly from your portable device with the help of the Multi-Edit Toolbox. Some of the other features that are packed into this amalgamation read as Single Screen Viewing, Smooth Page Scrolling, Spell Check, Dictionary and Advanced Touch Control.

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Your presentations can be handled directly via Google Drive or any other cloud accounts like Dropbox, Egnyte, SugarSync and Evernote as well as through email attachments. This program can be yours by parting ways with just under $20.

4 – Smart Office 2:

Smart Office 2

As the brains behind this endeavor reveals, you can ‘view, create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents’ directly through your Apple tablet. The lineup would also include PowerPoint presentations as well as Word and Excel documents. You can get your hands on your precious slides through various means such as drag and drop editing, contextual interface, through email or via cloud services like Box, Dropbox or Google Docs. This inclusion in our PowerPoint app for iPad array allows you to edit your documents by opting from different colors, formatting patterns and fonts. The multilingual program also speaks a variety of languages like traditional and simplified Chinese, Danish, French, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, Ukrainian, Japanese and German. The handy software bears a price tag that reads $9.99.

5 – CloudOn:


With this gem in your possession, you’ll be able to view all your Microsoft Office projects through your Apple slate anywhere, anytime. You can easily pluck your masterpieces from cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box and Google Drive. The developer also throws in a File Viewer and Adobe Reader for espying just about any file format which includes JPG, GIF, PDF and PNG.

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Through this program, you can change the format, perform spell checks, edit charts and even merge a few comments into your presentation slides. And although it’s free to procure, you’ll be able to opt for the Pro versions that are priced at $0.99 and $29.99.

6 – Office² HD:

Office² HD

This contender in our PowerPoint app for iPad roundup has the ability to view, create and edit content that’s splashed across from Microsoft Word, Excel and of course, PowerPoint. It allows you to gain access to your documents from cloud services like DropBox, Google Docs and SkyDrive.

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The office suite forays onto the scenario with comprehensive text and paragraph formatting capabilities as well as other bells and whistles that come in handy for editing spreadsheets and word documents. You can pick up this one for just under $8.


Picture this: Your boss has sent you an important presentation that needs your immediate attention. However, you’re currently out with friends at a restaurant and won’t be able to get home to your PC or laptop anytime soon. What do you do? Well, if you have the Apple tablet on you, you can simply pull it out and check the presentation then and there itself. All you have to do is invest in any of the aforesaid options strewn across our PowerPoint app for iPad list. And as revealed earlier, you can also edit these sorts of documents while sitting at your local park or riding the bus. So which one are you planning to acquire?