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5 Top Phone Apps You Need to Have

Looking to download the best apps on your phone? Or are you just trying to unclutter your life starting with the most precious area first? We often take our phone’s display area for granted until it’s bursting at the edges with apps we need, those we rarely use, some we’ve downloaded and forgotten about, and a few that just come with the phone software. If you are wondering what the essential, must-have apps you just cannot do without are, here is the list!

1 – Waze

waze-app Who will not like to have a journey without any traffic jams, red lights and the tremendously blocked road? Waze app provides users with the best technology that traces the areas with the blocked traffic and this app even helps users to know the easy and the shortest route for their destination.

The app works with GPS and notifies users when the gas is low on their vehicle helping them to find where they can find gas at their nearest place.

2 – Pact


Worried about your health? Have you made various trials for regular workout but failed? Here is the application that will surely help you to reach your desire to stay fit.

Users need to set the goal in the application and the app motivates the users to achieve the goal. If users cannot reach their defined goals then they need to pay money to other users of the application.

Users reaching their goal receive real money – it works as a motivational force for the users. This application, in fact, has brought a great change in many users and helped them to become and stay fit.

 3 – Buffer


Spending time on social media is but a fun but it is the time that the level has reached where we spend lot of time wasting on social media. The app ‘buffer’ allows users to deal with all the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more at a single glance.

It’s something you would love as a business or an individual. Users can post in this application and need to give their scheduled time and this application will make sure that the post is posted in all the social media at a time at your scheduled time

4 – Whatsapp


If you are looking to communicate with someone, you need a reliable app, and there are few like Whatsapp. Owner by Facebook today, it has millions of users, and all you need is your phone number to set your account up. Unlike before, the app is completely free to use, and all you need is the phone number of the other person and a working internet connection to message them.

5 – Skype


You are sure to feel a need to make a video call to your loved ones. Or have that important work video meeting coming up. You can do either of them with Skype, which is the most popular video messaging app. Sure, Whatsapp has added a video calling feature lately too, but businesses still use Skype for their day to day activities.

No matter what phone app you are looking to download, you surely do not want to miss out on these five. Some other apps you may want to download are Evernote for taking apps and Amazon, to just about buy anything available out there.