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10 Top Paid Android Apps

Top Paid Android Apps

These top paid Android apps are sure worth every penny you shell out for them. There is absolutely no dearth of applications in the Google Play store, but that’s why it’s all the more important to spend on the right contenders. So here we’re going to offer a helping hand to assist you with the task of optimizing your phone or tablet with alternatives to native software and keep you refreshed with some fun games too.

1 – Cut the Rope HD:

Cut the Rope HD

Feeding candy to the forever hungry Om Nom can get really addictive. Cut The Rope is a game complete with some innovative mechanics and realistic physics, it also earns brownie points for its high definition graphics and the adorable character.

11 different boxes and as many as 275 levels in the game are sure to help you kill boredom, when you have nothing better to do. And after you purchase the app, the developers promise to update it with new levels without charging you for the same.

Price: $1.99

2 – SwiftKey X Keyboard:

SwiftKey X Keyboard

We understand how difficult typing on multi-touch displays can get, especially when you are making the move from a numeric keypad to these virtual QWERTY keyboards. That’s exactly why we’ve added SwiftKey X Keyboard to our array of paid Android apps.

Powered by the smart, natural language technology, it claims to understand how words work together and even predicts your next word. The multi-lingual application gets better with time and lets you personalize it using your posts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more.

Price: $2.99

3 – Tasker:


Tasker is one application that goes on to unleash all that your device is capable of doing. If you are bored of telling your smartphone what to do every time you plug in your headset, simply adjust the settings through this app and the phone will give you an option to launch any of your media applications, whenever it detects a headset. You can also create ‘contexts’ to automatically put your phone on silent or airplane mode for times when you wouldn’t want to be disturbed. Basically, it’s a virtual assistant that takes care of your phone, without you having to intervene, after all the settings are in place.

Price: $6.49

4 – Root Explorer (File Manager):

Root Explorer

The fact that the developers of this app are ready to give you a refund if they are unable to solve your problems, really sets the bar high. And it certainly doesn’t fail to live up to the expectations. This highly efficient file manager works well with rooted devices as no Android file seems to be out of its reach, not even the elusive data folders. Some of its features include SQLite database viewer, text editor and the ability create and extract zip folders amongst a horde of other things.

Price: $3.99

5 – Android Office:

Android Office

Wondering why we think this app deserves a mention in our lineup of paid Android apps, when there are a number of others flocking the Google Play store? Well, this tool seems to have earned a lot of praise from its users. Its intuitive features are what make it apt for all your needs related to MS Office documents.

You can create and edit word documents and even email them directly from within the application. The developers plan to introduce PDF support soon and it’s compliant with Excel documents too.

Price: $5.99

6 – Paper Camera:

Paper Camera

Although most new phones are equipped with proficient snappers, Paper Camera should be included in the device for the kind of features it tags along. Basically, what the app does is, it animates the world around you with effects like sketch, comic book, neon, cartoon and many more.

And no, it’s not one of those editors that add effects to clicked images, but an app that paints them directly to your camera, saving you the hassle of having to edit pictures later. It is capable of taking high resolution images and lets you upload them to a number of social networking websites.

Price: $1.99

7 – PicSay Pro:

PicSay Pro

While the Paper Camera transforms your surroundings into a scene right out of a comic book, it still isn’t all that you would need to pacify the creative photographer in you. So turn your attention towards PicSay Pro, an image editor that’s compliant with smartphones as well as tablets running the Honeycomb platform. It allows you to enhance your pictures with various filters and also works with a stylus on devices that support one.

Price: $3.99

8 – XiiaLive – Online Radio:

XiiaLive Online Radio

And now for all those of you who do not mind shelling out a few bucks for the love of music, we’ve added XiiaLive Online Radio to our compilation of paid Android apps. With 40,000 live radio stations at your disposal, the application should keep you entertained regardless of where you are.

It supports most common audio formats and lets you create shortcuts for your favorite stations on the homescreen itself. And the software’s easy-to-use interface is the cherry on the cake.

Price: $4.99

9 – Minecraft – Pocket Edition:

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Players who have been on the lookout for something to keep them occupied when they are away from their beloved gaming computers, can enjoy Minecraft right on their mobile screens. This application features 36 different kinds of blocks and lets you go on a building spree.

You can also invite friends to play with them over the local wireless network.

Price: $6.99

10 – MyBackup Pro:

MyBackup Pro

The last application on our queue makes sure that you take backups of all the tools that you’ve selected for your gadget. Besides your apps, it creates backup files for content stored on the SD card, your music, contacts, text messages, videos, pictures and pretty much everything else saved on the phone.

It offers compliance to devices with or without root access.

Price: $4.99

Conclusion: So how many of these top paid Android apps will make their way into the confines of your phone? Do share your preferences with us through the comment section down there.