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Top 8 Free VPN Services

Top Free VPN Services

Been looking for the top free VPN services lately or just found out what VPN stands for? VPNs or Virtual Private Networks use a public network like the web to hook up remote sites or users. Say you were using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, one of the best ways to ensure no one’s spying on your internet activities is to keep a rolled up newspaper handy to smack that inquisitive ‘over-the-shoulder watcher’ checking out what you’re doing on your laptop or any other mobile device. Also, sign up for a VPN service in order to make certain that you’re surfing the web through an encrypted and secure connection. New to the game? Take a look at our list of 8 free VPN services:

proXPN Top Free VPN Services 1. proXPN: Waving the ‘Reclaim your right to privacy’ banner, proXPN is advertised to use 2048 bit security for offering users a connection cryptographically secured from prying eyes. You can apply for a free account through the official website and there’s support for PPTP only via an upgrade to the paid Premium service. The compatible systems are listed as 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later versions.

SecurityKiss Top Free VPN Services 2. SecurityKiss: Those of you who work on Mac, Linux or a smartphone can skip this one since it is available as a free service only for Windows PCs. It hides your IP address and conducts all of your online traffic through a secure tunnel to the SecurityKiss gateway. Everything in the tunnel is encrypted so passwords, credit card numbers and similar data stays protected. The free package bundles in a 300MB daily limit, with the PPTP support only for the Premium and Ultimate plans.

 CyberGhost Top Free VPN Services 3. CyberGhost: Assuming that ‘you certainly wouldn’t like it if your neighbor knew which magazines you read and what you buy where,’ CyberGhost is here to make sure you step lightly whichever web page you visit and leave no trails. Those who employ this bit of software listed among our recommended VPN services share the CyberGhost VPN IP address with a number of other users so that an ID cannot be traced to one particular person.

AnchorFree Top Free VPN Services 4. AnchorFree Hotspot Shield application: The AnchorFree Hotspot Shield application works with PC and Mac on wireless and wired connections. It engages HTTPS encryption to guard your web session, data, shopping and personal information online. The service hides your IP address, bypasses firewalls and claims to rescue users from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots. Give it a try; it’s free after all.

Your Freedom Top Free VPN Services 5. Your Freedom: The next addition to our free VPN services roster is for those who wish to bypass proxies and firewalls as if they weren’t there, and access the Internet anonymously. Well, Your Freedom can apparently serve just this purpose. The basic service can be accessed for free and it’s cited to deliver more bandwidth than a modem connection and up to 15 hours of usage per week. The client application rubs along fine with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and anything that can run Java apps.

GPass Top Free VPN Services 6. GPass: Not to be confused with tickets to the G+ club, GPass is your alternate path to secure web browsing. It does the usual thing that most VPN services do including concealing your IP address and dodging content blocking or censorship. The graphical UI is designed to be user friendly and there’s support for multiple languages and skins. It accommodates streaming of audio and video, e-mail, IM, download managers and more.

LogMeIn Top Free VPN Services 7. LogMeIn Hamachi: LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN service which will let you set up secure virtual networks on demand, across public and private networks. It handles this through AES 256-bit encryption and renders centralized access controls and network or client configuration management. It’s downloadable for free by non-commercial users and the packages start at $33 per month for commercial usage.

PacketiX.NET Top Free VPN Services 8. PacketiX.NET: Acting as a non-profit online environment for PacketX VPN services which has servers located in Japan, PacketiX.NET enables you to create a private virtual VPN hub. The entire functionality of the software may be harnessed to spell out a remote connection to your home network or to unite local networks at various sites. The VPN server administration is executed over an simple web interface and there’s no need for users to set up a VPN server with a global IP address.


What you waiting for? Someone could be watching you right now as you surf the internet trying to decide on a service that looks good to you. Try one from our list of the top 8 free VPN services and tell us which one’s your favorite.