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Top 5 Valentine Gadgets to keep your lover’s style quotient high

Valentine Gadgets

Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies. Interesting thought, isn’t it? Well, let’s not fritter away any time in throwing you off balance with uncalled-for clues, you know the reason why we are here with love tunes hovering all over our minds. The winged, mischievous boy with bow and arrows and piercing hearts from the world of Valentine symbols are all adjusted to wriggle as the Day gets ready to approach us. And like always, we’re back to assist those muddled minds spending loads of their precious time in what to gift their beloved. Keeping aside those inevitable mushy cards, rose baskets, love hampers and chocolates, why not strike your loved one dumb with something unexpected? As the Cupid gets close at quarters to aim those arrows for good, we hurry up with our Top 5 Valentine gadgets that should sound stylish and perfect for your better half.

Apple iPod nano: With Valentine’s Day getting closer, doesn’t a thought of keeping your special person knotted with stings of some fashionable gadget pop up your mind? We couldn’t resist from adding a sultry-looking, super-minuscule music player from Apple’s castle this season. To keep your Valentine literally hooked and make him or her dedicate some special tunes to you on the day, the overly doused iPod nano smoothly walks as an ideal pick. If your lover likes stylish gizmos with a featherlike body then our druthers should be yours as well. With favorite songs just a tap away, the device has everything one needs to be entertainment. Dipped in attractive shades, the music rider sports an adorable 1.54-inch color TFT touchscreen display and can bank in loads of songs. Weighing as light as 0.74 ounces, this perfect gift will just take out Rs. 10,700 for 8GB model and Rs. 12,700 for 16GB from your pocket.

LaCie Galet USB Key: If your lover is all about style then gift the luxuriously carved out Galet USB drive by LaCie and Christofle this Valentine’s Day. A true example of elegance, the super stylish and easy-to-carry device has been sculpted to look like a pebble. With 4 gigabyte of storage, your loved one will have enough to store with an unparalleled sense of elegance. Tagged at Rs. 1,359, the adorable offering further defines the elegance factor by being hand-crafted and silver-plated, utilizing Christofle1’s century and a half old silvering process.

Sony Vaio YB: Next gadget that should make your lover go gaga couldn’t have been better than Sony’s swanky Vaio YB laptop. Besides taking up an assignment to keep her overly engrossed with its breathtakingly good looks, the intriguing device swears to uplift the world of entertainment and multimedia. To complement your lover’s trendy attire or voguish bag, shades like silver, green and pink have been wisely splashed by the maker. With a body of mere 1.4kg to be carried by those delicate arms, the device embraces an 11.6-inch wide display for delightful viewing of those hours-gulping movies. Tagged at Rs. 26,990, the interface further offers hassle free navigation through all technical features.

Samsung WB600: How about hideously capturing that ‘smile to die for’? Or how about just freezing a special moment to place it nearby later? With the lover-birds’ day here, forgetting on cameras cannot be accepted. Therefore, to make sure your special day goes perfect with smiles showering from all corners, the beautiful WB600 from Samsung can be happily hid underneath the gift box. The special moments-freezer will make your lover flutter for taking great shots with a 24mm ultra-wide angle and a 15x super-zoom lens. The 14 megapixel device conjugates high performance Schneider-Kreuznach lens with the impressive Dual Image Stabilization to deliver crystal-clear images. High in urbanity, the device also features scene recognition, smart auto, smile shot, blink detection, red-eye fix and beauty shot. It can be purchased for just Rs. 14,990.

Dell Streak: Even if your loved one prefers staying simple, the urge to stay advanced socially cannot be denied. This Valentine’s Day, how about gifting your loved one a gadget that has loads of powerful entertainment functions to keep senses occupied? Well, to do the trick, Dell’s Streak can be picked up to discover, capture and share content in real time. Powered by Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon 8250T mobile processor, this multimedia hub won’t only pull off well in pleasing that person, but will also step up the style factor. Easy to carry with elegance high on the framework, the 5-inch device also gets social networking choices and seamless navigation. So let your Valentine keep her or his social life on toes and sally forth with reliable guidelines this season. It can be purchased for Rs. 34,990.

Hopefully, by now you get a clue of how to throw a curve over your special person on this Valentine’s Day. Well, the season of love reminds us Todd Ruthman’s beautiful words, ‘It’s the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it’s the little differences that make them interesting.’ Here’s wishing all our readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.